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Pati Jinich
I joined JC to make a cool refreshing Avocado Soup to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. To learn how to make it click below…


Congrats, superstar!!!

The soup looks terrific and the cook looks marvelous! You do such a great job. xox

You have great stage presence.

MMMM…. looks great!!! i´ll be tryiing it soon! will let you know what I think!! you are awsome!

Thanks! Would love to know what you think about it…

Yum! I’m going to make it today since I have many ripe avocados. We just planted two trees and 5 years from now, we’ll have many of our own, I hope. Nice job on t.v.

Many thanks Kristin. Oh! I wish I had an avocado tree, that’s just fabulous!

Finally got around to make this soup! it was awsome! even Yael, 2 yrs old, loved it!I had made other avocado soups before, but really loved this one, yumm!!! Gracias amigocha!

Con todo gusto amigocha, que bueno!!!!! Hazme el special request que quieras ; )

I would love to get 2 of your recipes: The Spicy Pesach Chicken Soup with Mazah Balls, as well as the recipe for your Avocado Soup.
Mucho Gracias,

Here they are Shula! The Mushroom-Jalapeño Matzo Ball Soup and the Avocado Soup Enjoy!

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