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Pati Jinich

Helado de Aguacate y Coco
Serves 6

3 large ripe Mexican avocados, about 2 pounds, halved, pitted, pulp scooped out (about 3 cups)
2 tbsp fresh squeezed lime juice
1 1/2 cups coconut milk
3/4 cups sugar, more to taste
1/4 cup dried shredded coconut, lightly toasted, optional for garnish, or toasted almonds, pine nuts or pistachios

Cut the avocados in half, remove the pit and scoop the pulp out. Cut the pulp into chunks and place it in the blender or food processor. Add the coconut milk, sugar, and lime juice, and puree until smooth.

Process the avocado-coconut puree in you ice cream maker, or ice cream ball, according to the manufacturers instructions. Place in the freezer for a couple hours for firmer ice cream. If you don’t have an ice cream maker you can serve it as a cold mousse, or you can also freeze it and serve it as ice cream, but it will be a little less fluffy. But its still good!

Lightly toast the shredded coconut on a small saute pan set over medium-low heat, stirring constantly so it does not burn. It will take less than a minute. Once the coconut becomes fragrant and acquires a tan, remove and set aside. Sprinkle over the ice cream.


When I saw your show on PBS on 4-23-11, this recipe intrigued me. I LOVE avocados! I tried it without an ice cream maker since I don’t have one, and just put the mixture into popsicle containers. Some did stick and broke (next time I’ll add a little spray lubricant to the containers, but the ones that didn’t stick, look and taste great. I coated them with the toasted coconut. So delicious! The ones that broke, I put them in a bowl to serve as regular ice cream. I can’t wait to let my friends taste them. What fun.

Oh I know! The avocado and coconut mix works so well together, both frozen and just as regular ice cream. Thanks so much for watching!

I saw this on PBS twice and I just had to have it. What surprises me is that you use so few ingredients to create something that looked good. I wonder if it is just as healthy as it is tasty.

I saw this recipe recently and am so intrigued by it, especially how your kids had “a go a it” with the ball shaped device you used to make it. I’m thinking about putting the mix into a container inside a cooler full of ice and letting it become ice cream as it tumbles with movements of the road as I take my friends out of the city for a well deserved picnic in the mountains north of Los Angeles. I’m sure it will be the thing to compliment a nice hike. Your show is simply amazing and I love your authenticity, which is very hard to find on cooking shows dealing with Mexican cuisine. Hope to learn much more from you.
Muchísimas gracias Pati por la inspiración que me da esta receta y buena suerte con tu maravilloso show!

Hey Joaquin,
Thank you for such a kind comment. You are so sweet! I think that is a great idea to make the ice cream in a car, I’m sure it will help if you are driving along an extra bumpy road too! I hope you had a lovely hike along with your ice cream!

I bought an ice cream maker so that I can make non dairy frozen treats for my daughter. This avocado ice cream is genius! It is creamy and rich with no heavy cream products. Thanks for helping me support her vegan lifestyle.

I made this recipe and was blown way! I loved it so much I couldn’t get enough! The remaining servings I had set aside in the frig. kept calling to me all night!
One comment; I omited the sugar because there was already enough in the coconut cream to give excellent flavor.
Great recipe for anyone who loves avocados as much as I do.

Can you clarify what type of coconut milk to use? There were several options at my grocery store. I bought the unsweetened version and I am thinking that wasn’t the right choice based on the sweetness (or lack thereof) of the ice cream.
Thx for a non dairy alternative to ice cream!

Hi Caryn, I do actually buy the regular, unsweetened coconut milk. If you make this again, try adding more sugar to taste and see if that helps!

Hi Pati,
Of course I will make it again…I will be making it weekly thru the summer! I love the creaminess and I will just tweak the amount of sugar a bit now that I know I am using the right coconut milk. Muchas gracias for the response!

Hi Pati,
My alvocado ice cream was too sweet with the coconut cream and sugar. I would also suggest using 1/4 cup of condensed milk instead of granular sugar or a liquid form of sugar if you use unsweetened coconut milk because the granular sugar does not disolve unless it is cooked.

That looked great, I loved your show. My husband and I had to get things done, and couldn’t move away from your avocado special, (aired today) we had never seen your show, and really liked it. I read you live in the DC area, I am in Annapolis, and so far I have not found good sized avocados, even worse… most of them have this black fibers in them, just awful. My in-laws cannot believe that the avocados in Santo Domingo are twice as big as the ones we find here.
I will try this recipe as soon as I get good chunks of avocado!

I love this recipe! At first I thought it might be a little heavy on the avocados for my taste, but the creamy, rich texture pairs perfectly with the coconut. I love it! Will definitely make again, such an exotic treat!

All I can say is Yummy! I love avocados and I love coconut milk! This is absolutely delicious. Thank you Pati for sharing your awesome recipes. It brings back many memories of my Abuelita and childhood!

We saw the recipe for Avocado Ice Cream on the show this weekend, and my whole family is really looking forward to trying it this evening! Thanks for the inspiration to try something new!

We have all the ingredients and we plan to make tmrw as a special treat with visitors, my kids can’t wait. Pati, We love your show and have been inspired frequently – Thanks .

Thank you so much Susan! I hope you, your visitors and your kids enjoy! :)

Where did you get the blue ball ice cream maker? One and one-half cups of milt seems too little. Is that the preferred method for most ice cream?

Hola George, I believe I got mine at L.L. Bean, and they still have it on their website. It is called an ice cream ball, and you can also find it on other sites that sell kitchen products. About the milk, it is enough. But, if you want to experiment with more, I support creativity in the kitchen :)

Try avocado and tomato with Tapatio (hot sauce) I make use of lettuce leaves to maintain it entirely because cannot consume buns.

I’ve been watching your show on PBS for a couple of months now and love it! So many of your recipes remind me of things my Mama and Tia Rosie used to make, but I’d never gotten their recipes, so now I will be able to make some of these great things for my grandchildren. I’ve meant to get on the computer and find your website, and this recipe just pushed me right on into finally doing it! :) Thanks so much for your sharing so many authentic mexican recipes with all of us!

Hola Ocmist, Thank you so much for writing to me! It’s wonderful to hear that my recipes remind you of your Mama and Tia’s cooking. Please let me know if you have any requests. I really appreciate your support for the show, also. All the best to you!

Pati: I’m an ice cream lover. tks for showing the DIY ice cream. where can we buy the ice cream maker no electricity with ice and rock salt(the one you use?) We need to know the one u use, because we have bought electric one didn’t walk. Please give us the brand you use and the description. thanks.

Hola Eddie, It’s called an ice cream ball! I believe I got mine at L.L. Bean, however you can most likely find them on any website that sells kitchen equipment. All my best to you.

WOW, Thank-you sooo much for a wonderful dessert! Can you tell me what the calorie/fat/carbs/count is per serving? My husband tried it,and liked it alot. Hopefully it shouldn’t be so bad, being avacados are Good fats. I really don’t want to tell him I used avacados. I used my blender, because I had none of the other tools people used. Thank-you soo much again. Diane

Yep! Avocados are the good fats you want in your body. Diane: I don’t do calorie count… I eat all in moderation ; )

Many years ago (probably in the early 1960’s), I went to a restaurant in New York City, NY called “La Fonda Del Sol.” They made a dessert called “Mexican Candy Cake” which was simply delicious. I have searched for the recipe and have never been able to find anything comparable. Can you help? Thank you in advance. Bev D.

Hola Beverly, Thank you for your note. I will try to post a recipe soon!

I love your cooking and share the love for Mexico.

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