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Pati Jinich Rosquitas or Sweet Anise Ropes

Rosquitas de Anis
Makes about 24

3 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
A pinch of salt
1 tsp anise seeds
4 oz, or 1/2 cup butter, cut into chunks
4 oz, or 1/2 cup vegetable shortening
1/2 cup sugar
2 egg yolks
1/3 cup warm water
Confectioners’ sugar, optional

Mix the all purpose flour, baking powder, salt and anise seeds in a large mixing bowl. Toss in the butter chunks and the vegetable shortening in spoonfuls. Begin to mix it with your hands, until the butter and vegetable shortening are mixed in with the rest of the ingredients.

Add the sugar, egg yolks and warm water, working everything together with your hands. In less than a minute, the dough should be soft and malleable enough to be turned into a ball. Don’t knead it more than necessary, as soon as it all comes together in a homogeneous mass it is good enough.

Butter a large cookie sheet. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

One by one, make cookie balls with the palms of your hands, of about 1 1/2″. Then roll it out either with your hands or on a lightly floured surface, into a short rope form, of about 3 to 4″ long and less than 1″ wide. Twist the rope a bit and close the two ends making a loop. It is very easy! Like a doughnut shape!

Place the finished rosquitas on a buttered cookie sheet until you have finished the dough. Place them in the oven anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes, or until cooked and lightly browned on top. Remove them from the oven, let them cool, and sprinkle with confectioners’ sugar.


I loved all your recipes today on PBS. And especially all the information on the Mexican Revolution,which I did not know about because there is not much said about it in the American History books. But was so pleased to finally hear it. And it helps me pinpoint where my Ancestors might have been so I can locate them. Thank you so much, Rosa Munoz-Trevino I will try all those recipes soon.

Hola Rosa,
I love hearing that you liked those parts!! They are the most fun… Hope you like the recipes!

My Aunt Catita used to make a similar cookie for us at Christmas. She would not use anise, she would add cinnamon and raisins. Sometimes she would make them with almonds or pecans, serving them hot and drizzle honey over them. We loved them. They had the same shape, but this is a very versatile cookie recipe and you can create a new cookie every time just by adding different ingredients. Thanks Ms. Jinich!

Oh I agree!! One can refashion it in a thousand ways!! Love the idea of hone drizzled on top :)

First time watching this show and I love it! I am 12 hours away from my family (im a student at humboldt state university) and I am glad I have found a show to help me cope with home sickness! I miss this type of food

Hello Cynthia! I am so happy I can help relieve your home sickness!! I often get clouds of home sickness appear on my sky too… Good luck in School :)

Saw you for the first time 4/23 and loved it. Best recipes for the Mexico I remember.

Hi Pati, enjoyed your Mexican Revolution recipes very much, however I didn’t write down the one with the pork meat and chili ancho recipe. It is not on your web site. Please could you print it out for me on you site or email it to me.
thank you and keep the recipes coming. Lori Zuniga

Hi Lori,
You can find my recipe for Pork Chilorio Burritas here:

Hola Pati, I saw your show for the first time today and I really liked it. Keep those recipes coming.
Rosie Diaz

Ever since I saw Pati on my local CPTV I wanted to make these cookies and today I finally did. Am I glad I did! They are absolutely wonderful and taste like somthing my grandmother would have made. I only have one criticism: they are addictive!

Hola Josephine, It warms my heart that the cookies bring to mind your grandmother’s baking! What a wonderful treat for me. I hope you continue to enjoy them.

I don’t miss any of your episodes and if I do, I always catch them again at 11pm. My teenage girls enjoy and love the way you explain each recipe. Thanks Padilla Family

Thank you so much the Padilla Family! What a treat for me to think that you enjoy the show together with your girls. I will keep trying to provide new and exciting recipes for you to try :) Happy cooking!

I also enjoyed the music and wondered who sings and your web site lists the song for Dame!! I really like it. Sooooo thank you !

Hi Linda, Did you see the link where you can purchase the theme song? Here it is just in case you want it: I’m so happy you like it!

Hola Pati, I watched your program for the vey first time. I especially liked how you incorporated the recipes to the history of Mexico. I was hooked and will look forward to future programs, I found your story about the history of the nachos and how it originated. Muchimias gracias! A new viewer from Northern New Mexico!

Thank you Florencia!

Pati! First time watching your show, I watched you most of the day along with Rick Bayliss, what a great day. Thank you for the anise ropes, you must be psychic, I have been having an anise cookie on my mind for a month now, am trying the recipe today.
Thanks! Nancy

Hi Pati!!! Vivi from California I love your show cant wait to get your cookbook. I really want to make these cookies but I don’t have anise seeds i do however have anise extract can I substitute if so how much do I use. My dad is from Oaxaca, moms from Jalisco & hubby’s from Mex. D.F so your recipes please all my families taste buds!! Thanks!!!!

Hola Vivi, Of course, you can substitute anise extract. I would use 1/2 teaspoon. So nice to hear your family is enjoying my recipes!

Dear Pati, Love your program!!! “you eat with your eyes first” so please include a picture of the recipe on the part you can print. Thanking you in advance Alicia Martin

Thank you, Alicia!! I’ll look into changing the layout to include the photos.

can;t find the recipe for polvorones. thanks

are these crispy or soft and chewy?

Hi Pati,

Just seen your show yesterday and you were making the anise ropes. Can’t wait to try them. Does it matter if you use regular or butter flavor shortening? I would guess you’d have a more buttery taste with the butter flavor one???
Your so sweet and I love how passionate you are with family and food. That makes an excellent cook :)

God bless you and your family, Debbie

Hola Debbie, I recommend the regular flavored shortening. I hope you enjoy them!!

Could you share a recipe for a good enchilada sauce. Nothing too hard something to make for a quick dinner. Thank you.

I have huge normus recipe for pan de polvo cookies! 5 lbs of sugar & shortening etc… do you have a bit smaller version of our mom’s wonderful sugar & cinnamon cookies? Please!

We call those Polvorones in Mexico sometimes… here you go

Gracias Pati por compartir tus recetas, son geniales… te deseo una Feliz Navidad llena de muchas bendiciones y deliciosos platillos!

Muchas gracias, Claudia, igualmente!

I was wondering if you have a recipe for the chilindrina cookies?

Can I substitute fennel seeds for the anise seeds?

yes you can!

Hi Pati! I learned about Mexican cooking when I was in the Air Force stationed in New Mexico. I must admit that most restaurants aren’t as tasty as the New Mexican cooks. I love your show and I was getting it on PBS, Bloomington, IN. They aren’t carrying it now, and wonder if you can tell me where to find it.

You make me so hungry watching all those good shows. My family knows about good Mexican food. I gave one of my sons a recipe for Carnitas and they loved it. We all love to cook Mexican and appreciate your efforts to promote it. I especially like your visits to markets in Mexico. My wife and I spent two weeks in Mexico and got to visit markets. It’s certainly different than the US, but more enjoyable.

Marvin Atchison

Thank you, Marvin! We are filming Season 5 right now, but you can contact your local station and ask them to play reruns of previous seasons! Happy New Year!

Love your show. Last week I made a lentil soup from the New York Times called Lentil Soup with Lemon. When my wife come home she said she grew up on the same soup(She’s from Sonora Mexico). She called it Caldo de Jacobo. (Jacobs Soup) Are you familiar with this? If so I would love to hear your take.
Feliz Yontif

You have now sent me on a research mission for that soup… dying to try it!

These are very similar to Biscochitos, the state cookie if New Mexico. We grew up enjoying these so very much. I have continued the tradition of making them each Christmas even though I now live in PA. I use a lard/shortening mix with anise extract vs. anise seeds. But I bet they taste super similar. Always enjoy your recipes and show!

Very happy to hear you like my recipes and show: thanks so much for tuning in, Elaina!

hi pati,love your cooking shows I have a question when are you coming to las vegas,nv?

I am trying to come to Las Vegas for my upcoming book tour, next Spring!

Hola, Pati. Antes que nada, Feliz Navidad! Solo quería saber si en vez de semilla de anise, puedo usar té de anis o extracto. Algunas personas quizá les desagrade las semillas en la galleta.

Claro Laura, puedes usar uno de los dos sin problema, solamente no le pongas mucho. Si es extracto, media cucharita.

Hola Pati, I watch your program all the time and I love it and your recipes/food. I was recently in Mexico and had arrachera steak. How can I prepare it here at home? what do I need in spices. I tried to find it in the Mexican food stores and they looked at me like was I was crazy. is this a new thing/trend. Gracias, Anna Maria

Oh you can use my recipe for tampiqueña… here goes:

I can’t find a recipe for birria. Do you have one?
Jalisco Jones

Hi! Will try to upload one soon… I love Birria too.

Quiero hacer chiles rellenos, enchiladas y sopes con dias de anticipacion pero no se como guardarlos en el refri y recalentarlos.
Esa es una de las razones por las que no hago reuniones mas seguido, somos 12 en la familia con hijos y nietos y quisiera saber como hago comidas mexicanas con dias de anticipacion para no tener que estar haciendo todo cuando llegan los invitados. Gracias
y que pasen muy Feliz Navidad.

Claro Paty, por partes, mira:
Para los sopes, enchiladas y chiles rellenos, puedes hacer todas las salsas días antes y guardar en el refri y recalentar en una olla. Los chiles rellenos los puedes guardar en el refri una vez fritos también. Los recalientas con la salsa. Para los sopes, haces los sopes un día antes al igual que los frijoles, recalientas las partes y los calientas en el comal! Muy feliz Navidad a ti y a toda tu familia.

Hola’ Mi Dona Pati, ( Sorry, We can’t figure out how to put the Tilde over the ‘n’. Just a quick “Thank You for all of Your work and Your T.V. Show. My husband and I always look forward to Your show and have Your cookbook and can’t wait for the next.
From Our Casa to Yours, Feliz Navidad, and a Prosperous + Happy New Year.
Your Fans,
Jacqulyn and Larry Mager

Thank you so much for tuning in! I am thrilled you like my show, Jacqulyn and Larry!!

Great cookie recipes!
Do you have one for biscochos that uses manteca?
That’s what my granny used to do and I would love to give it a try!
Thanks for any help you may offer!

Art Garcia

I will try to post that recipe soon!

Hola Pati, Can you recommend a good flan recipe? I love the kind made without gelatin that is thick like butter! Also, can you recommend how to use tamarind in a dessert. I love it! I love the wedding cookie recipe, those cookies are dangerously good! Muchas gracias and Happy Holidays!

Hola Louise! I have many flan recipes on the site: As for tamarind, there are so many uses… from flavoring water and other drinks, to sauces, marinades, stews, and candies!

Love, Love, Love your show. I am Mexican-American , but not a cook. You have inspired me to try my hand on it. You bring my roots to the forefront with familia. I want to especially thank you for the recipe on the little piggies , [didn’t want to misspell the correct name] this is my husband’s favorite Mexican pandulce. I can hardly wait till I can surprise with this receipe. I am now sharing with my daughter who is a foodie and cooks everything. My husband is the cook. Again, muchas gracias!

Con mucho gusto!

I need to add that I love history: Blending history and food are the two best subjects of the day. You make the visits with you enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.

So very happy to hear, Laura.

I thank you for all your work. Your e mail puts a smile on my face at 2:23 am in the morning, I’m reading this. I too am sorry I can’t go up to Seliman to see the Deldadillo family. Angel’s wife Vilma turns 95 this year & still cooks on the wood stove making wonderful Mexican food. I ask Vilma about your cooking & she replys in Mecican, French & English, She is so cute & fun to be around. I put neon around their gift shop to light it up for Angel’s birthday this year. I always feel at home at the family’s homes enjoying their friendship & food. You would enjoy seeing them & get along so well. I think about then & you when I’m free to let my mind travel to Seligman Arizona. You & them make me smile & so much fun!!
Jeff & Kathy your gringo friends

Pati! A mi esposo y a mi nos encanta tu programa, estamos grabando los que estan pasando ahora reoetidos. Ya compre tu libro esta divino! Estamos viendo en New Hampshire, no es facil conseguir algunos productos para tus recetas, puedes recomendar un lugar online?
You are the best! Can’t wait to start cooking your recipes! 💕

Muchas gracias, Vicky! Si hay muchos lugares online, está Mex Grocer por ejemplo, pero también Amazon ya vende muchos de los ingredientes. Diles en el super a donde regularmente van que empiecen a tener de estos productos ya que cada vez más la gente los va a querer… siempre a las tiendas les gusta complacer a sus clientes. No pierden nada en preguntar y hacer el request…

hello Patti, I am Ukrainian and my family make a similar cookie we call Ukrainian Tea Cakes. almost same ingredients. Love you show and website.

Elizabeth Johnson
New Jersey

True! very similar!

Good Morning and Merry Christmas Oati,
I am attempting to make the ROP quotas but only have ANISE STARS, can I crush them and use in lieu of the seeds.
Gracias, you motivate me to be a more create and better cook!
Feliz Navidad!

Hola Maria!
It may be better if you skip the anise seeds and just add cinnamon… a better bet! Feliz Navidad to you and yours too.

I also love your show on PBS, I have made a few of the recipes, but your tamale casserole got my whole family!!!! I used rotisserie chicken. Can you use beef or pork?, would you use the green sauce or some other with beef or pork ?

So glad! And of course you can use beef or pork, will be delicious as well!

yes, please Pati, a BIRRIA recipe! .. my first and so far only taste of it was at a san salvadorean wedding .. i am a small eater, even smaller at buffets, but at this feast i went back for seconds!! .. i was told that the bride’s uncle cooked his special stew only for special celebrations, and it took him many days .. he must have used beef chuck plus other similarly gelatinous cuts .. it had a dark rich sauce that you would want to eat with a spoon like soup!

Hello Patti,

Congratulations on your program!
I love All of your your recipes ,
but I was wandering if sometime soon, are you
going to show us how to make flautas, and empanadas de carne molida.
Thank you Patti for all of your delicious yummy foods that make me think of my grandma , whose been deceased since 83, and she lived in Mexico. She used to cook most of what you cook, althoug
h im fluent in knowing how to cook our Mexican food because of my mother, is not the same exactly because my mom lived in the US where I was born. I’ve noticed that sometimes, some of us Mexicans born here in the US , we tend to be disconnected to our ancestry recipes and traditions, We shouldn’t!
I’m very glad and proud of your show, keep up the great wor

Miami ,Fl

Thank you for your kind words, Jackie! Here is a flautas recipe: and for the empanadas, I will try to post a recipe soon! In the mean time, here is one of my favorite empanadas recipes…

Hi Pati….I plan to make the rosquitas de anise during the next few days. Recipe calls for two egg yolks, but will some happen if I also add the egg whites?

I live in Houston, Texas and am not able to find good Chorizo, it’s either too fatty/greasy with no flavor. I’m will to try to make it from scratch if I can get an authentic recipe. Do you have one you are willing to share?

I have tired many of your recipes and have made many of them part of my personal recipe collection. Happy New Year!! wishing you all the best in 2016.

Hi Pati….I plan to make the rosquitas de anise during the next few days. Recipe calls for two egg yolks, but will it be ok if I include the egg whites?

Hola Emi, So happy you are going to try them! I always recommend following the recipe as written, but you’re welcome to give them a try including the egg whites.

Hi Pati, gave the rosquitas a try today. The flavor was interesting, but i feel they need about 1/4 cup more of sugar (2/3 cup total) to liven up the flavor. Really enjoyed the texture of the rosquita, funny but it had a Mexican bakery flavor. I’d use anise extract/oil vs. the anise seeds…i’m still pulling then out of my teeth. LOL maybe I’ll grind the seeds into a powder in my little powerful blender. I made some bolitas from the leftover dough and emjoyed them better than a larger cookie. Tomorrow I’m making your buñelos. made them two yrs. ago and they were so easy to make..the dough was perfect, didn’t tear or shrink back at all. Feliz Año Nuevo!

Hi again Pati….OMG! as I was getting all the dry ingredients ready for tomorrow bunuelos I got the Trader Joes little can of baking powder…somehow I knowed that it looked funny…as I looked closely at the can it said baking sode…OH NO!! Que mensa…I used baking soda instead of baking powder for the rosquitas de anise. no wonder they had an “interesting” taste. TJ baking soda comes in a small can exactly the same size as the baking powder..funny, no cres?

Hola pati. Queria saber como hace la masa para las empanadas. Feliz ano nuevo.

I have heard about a Mexican dish called choreadas..what are they and how do you make them? thanks..Marlene

Hola Marlene! I will try to post a recipe for chorreadas soon!! 😉

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