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Pati Jinich

Orange and Almond Flan
Flan de Naranja y Almendra
Serves 12

1 cup sugar for caramel
1 1/2 cups peeled and slivered almonds
3/4 cup sugar for flan
10 eggs
1 3/4 cups orange juice
Grated zest of an orange
2 tbsp quince liquor, or Grand Marnier, optional

Preheat the oven to 360 degrees.

In a pan, heat the cup of sugar over low heat until it achieves the consistency of caramel. It takes a while, but don’t leave it unattended and move the pan as it begins to melt. Once it looks like caramel and is melted, decide how dark and strong you want the caramel to be. The lighter the color of the caramel, the lighter flavor. But be careful because if it gets too dark it can taste bitter and can burn quickly. Take it off the heat and pour it into the bottom of a flan or round tube mold or into 10 individual custard cups. Do so quickly, since caramel hardens fast.

Place the almonds and remaining sugar into the blender or food processor and finely grind. Add the orange juice, orange zest and blend. Add in the eggs and quince liquor or Grand Marnier and puree until combined. Pour the flan mixture on top of the hardened caramel in the molds.

Place the molds in a hot water bath in a deep baking pan. Make sure the water comes up to about half the height of the molds and that the water is very hot. Slide the baking pan with the molds into the oven. Bake 50 to 55 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the middle of a flan comes out clean. When ready, take them out of the oven, out of the water bath and allow to cool.

If flans will not be eaten on the same day, they can be covered and refrigerated, for up to a week. Before unmolding, you can place the molds in a container with very hot water for 5 to 10 seconds, so that the sugar will melt a bit, and help the flan come out. You can also run the tip of the knife around the rim of the flan. Then turn the flans onto a plate, but wait a bit until most caramel pours on top of each flan.


Hi Pati,
I watch your show each week. I have collected some recipes and tried one. We enjoyed the Hybiscus Tea and will try the No Milk Orange Flan soon.
I enjoy your show!
Donna Walag

Hola Pati,
I came across your show today on KVCR in the Inland Empire. I must say I fell in love with your style of cooking. Everything looks delicious!!! I love how you incorporate all different types of flavors in your dishes. You are truly unique.

Hi Pati,
I just saw one of your shows and loved the creative recipes specially the orange almond flan. One question: can I use any other sugar like brown sugar for the caramel as well as to add to the eggs, almond etc. i try not to use white sugar and usually the results in desserts are good.
Thanks and congratulations!

Hi Carmen,
Thank for your comments and for watching the show! I’ve always made caramel with only white sugar but you can go ahead and try it with brown sugar. I’m sure it will be delicious. Please let me know how it turns out!

This desert looks so delicious. All of your food does. I just discovered you tonight during a terrible heat wave here in NY and I’m still tempted to cook in this oppressive heat because your food inspired me. Love your personality too, you are such a warm person and wonderful voice.

Katie, you are too, too kind. You certainly put a smile on my face! The heat is quite awful here as well, but I can absolutely understand your temptation to whip up something delicious, even in the heat.

Hi Pati,
The Orange and Almond Flan sounds and looks delicious. I would like to know the nutrition facts for this recipe. I know it will be a “sometimes food”, but I need to know how many times a year:)

Hola, The orange and almond flan is quite a treat, that I think you can have more than a few times a year! The ingredients are all fresh and wholesome. I so hope you try it and enjoy it!

Dear Pati,
I just discovered your show this evening and it was so enjoyable to watch you cook. I have been getting dicouraged trying to work up enthusiasm to cook lately, actually for some time now, after so very many years of it. But your sweet, calm, so happy and relaxed personality, with the wonderful things you make, have got me totally renewed in wanted to try everything you created tonight. I’m sure it will be fabulous, and especially if I make it with even a bit of your sweetness. Thank you so much!

Hola Kate, Thank you for the lovely message! You just made my day by telling me I encouraged you to cook! It is a reminder of why I love cooking so much. I am so happy you enjoy the show, and I hope you love the recipes!

hi patti !!!!!!!!!!! congratulations on ur show i just caught it and iam looking up ur recipe for orange flan ‘ but do i still add the aweet milk with the orange juice or is just orange juice and eggs ???? thanks and muchos suelta !!!!

Hola Tashia!!! Just follow the recipe, pour all in the blender and bake! No milk needed for this one… ; )

Hi, Pati! I’m looking forward to making your orange and almond recipe this weekend. It looks delicious. I noticed that you serve it with some sauce. Would you please describe this and give the recipe. Thanks in advance! Love your show and recipies!

Thank you for your question Gary! The sauce you see is the caramel in the recipe. When you unmold the flan, the caramel will drizzle around the flan on its own. :)

Hi Pati, my daughter wants me to make her an almond flan because at school she has been reading Esperanza Rising and it is Esperanza’s favorite dessert from when she lived in Mexico.
Your recipe sounds delicious. I would like to make it but withouth the orange flavor. Can I just omit the orange juice?

Hi Eli,
Yes! you can make it without the Orange Juice, but you need to substitute it with something else. It can be milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk, a combination…

Made 1/2 of the recipe and it is wonderful! I am lactose intolerant and although I like flan have not been able to really enjoy it. This was great! ¡Felicitaciones!

I’m so happy you enjoyed the orange and almond flan Gina! :)

I tuned in to your show just in time to see you prepare the orange & almond flan, which includes some of my favorite ingredients. Such an improvement on regular flan! (1) At the top of the written recipe, it says it serves 12, but the directions mention using only 10 custard cups. Which number is correct for the amounts shown in your list of ingredients? (2) Is it OK to use (pottery) ramekins, or must you use custard cups because they are glass?

Hola Lee, Either number is correct, just depends how big you would like each individual flan. Yes, you can use the ramekins. I hope you enjoy! :)

Pati, It is Christmas Eve and I have your orange and almond flan in the oven. This is my first try with this recipe, wish me luck. I am taking it to my mother-in-law’s for the Christmas dinner.
Wishing you the best for 2012.

Hi Pati
I tried this recipe and it is unusual and fabulous as well as wonderfully nutritious. I only had walnuts on hand so I blanched them and substituted them for the almonds. I will try it again with almonds which will give it a more delicate taste. I also made the AMARILLITO MOLE which also was fabulous and easy. You make authentic Mexican cooking so easy and delicious for us in the US and we love your charming personality. Please do more shows!

Hola Dolores, Glad to hear you are enjoying the recipes! I love your innovation of substituting with what ingredients are available, which can sometimes be a challenge but more importantly can be exciting. You will be happy to hear we are in production of the second season! :)

Hi pati! Ive watched your shows a few times and I looooove your creativity and personality. I love to bake even though I’m eleven years old and your flan looked soooooooo good! I really wanted to try it and I think my mom will say yes because she doesn’t like me baking because there’s to much and we cant finish it but knowing that it serves only 10-12 and lasts a WEEK I think shell say yes. Thanx for the inspiration u gave me in cooking and baking and especially in being my role model!!!!

Your comment meant so much to me Grace! I hope your mom says yes!! :)

Thanks Patti loved ur recipe we are enjoying in the barrio Bronx NYC

I love the simplicity in your cooking.
I am alergic to milk.I love flan but avoided it due to milk.
Now i can eat it if i make it like yours with orange juice.
God bless you.
G S Sachdev

LOVE your show! Have enjoyed cooking ethnic dishes for a long time (I’m 75) especially those from the various regions of Mexico. I tried your avocado ice cream and it was delicious. Now, I will try your orange and almond flan. I watch you on our local PBS channel in Arkansas.
See you on t.v. Dottie

Thank you Dottie! I hope you enjoy the Orange and Almond Flan :)

Pati- I have a great passion for cooking and eating Mexican food and I want to say “Thank you” for helping me to improve my skills for this very exciting quisine. You’re the greatest! I love your show and I will continue to watch it for as long as it airs, which I hope will be for a very long time. Think you’ll ever make it to Florida one day? Hasta luego!

Hola Linda, Thank you so much for your message!! I hope to make it to Florida one day. All my best to you.

Hi pati;
I love your show and I made some of ur recipes


I love your personality. I’ve tried some of your recipes and they all are delicious. I have 3 boys too!

Aww, thank you, Jose!!

I just preorder your book. I’m trying out your flan recipe tonight. It’s my favorite dessert from my Mom’s cooking.


Can I use almond milk instead of the orange juice?

Hm. You can try it but it definitely wont be an Orange and Almond Flan ; )

Hola Paty! Just wanted you to know that I keep trying these delicious recipes over and over, and that you continue to be my favorite mexican chef. I tried the almond and orange flan today, and the taste was outstanding!!!! The only thing is – and I need you ti bear with my limited culinary expertise – I have no idea what I did wrong, and they turned out into these delicious and wonderful sort of flan/pound cake like dessert! LOL!
I will keep trying this and your many other wonderful recipes. Thank you again, so much.

Hola Michelle, Thank you so much for your message!! I’m so happy you are trying the recipes! Maybe the flan stayed in the oven a little bit too long, try taking out a few minutes sooner next time. 😉

Dear Pati, I wrote & asked for this recipe but found it yesterday. Thank you for coming to Winchester last Sunday. It was wonderful to meet you & see your lovely family. I watch every Saturday & love your show. I hope you do another cookbook on your 3rd season. Sincerely, Rena

Hola Rena, It was lovely seeing you, too!

Pati – would love to try the orange and almond flan for Passover!!! Can almond milk be substituted for the fresh almonds? If so, how much can I use as substitute? Thanks in advance,

Hi Cristina,
No, because when using the whole almonds you are getting a lot of nice solids, marzipan style as you puree it all…
You can make a different kind of flan, like this one, and sub the regular milk, and even some of the evaporated milk, for almond milk…

Thank you Pati. Love your show and your family. Thanks for sharing. Your boys are GREAT !!!!!

Pati, you are a beautiful person , I love watching you . I stumbled on your show today and I watched you making the tamarind chicken with Apricots and also the almond flan. Sounded so good, felt like making it right away. So inspirational and motivating.I loved the flan recipe. I have question. Is it 10 whole eggs or egg yolks only in the recipe?
Will definitely make the flan, because it has my favorite ingredients

Thank you Pati


Hola Annie, 10 whole eggs in the flan! So happy you are making it…Thank you for watching and for your very kind comments! You are making my day!!

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