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February 23, 2012 01:00 am | | HOME | BLOG HOME | ARCHIVES |
Pati Jinich
The Chew Family, Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Michael Symon, Daphne OzClinton Kelly, and Evette Rios, could not have been warmer, kinder and more generous when I came to visit! They hosted a most fun Mexican episode. I brought them the Garibaldi’s for a treat, and Mario and Carla made the most scrumptious torta, The Pepito, with me.

 If you missed it, click here for the recipe!


I just saw Pati on the Chew, they mention that she is on PBS.I live in kansas City Missouri and I checked my PBS and I can not find her.Could you please help me and tell me on what channel I can I see her.I like her way with food and she is very simply andI really enjoy tha
Thank you
Irasema Biggs

If you go up to the top of the home page, see the tab labeled “TV Show”, click on that and it will give you the stations by State that her show appears on. Hope that helps.

Hi Irasema! I also live in Kansas City, MO. We don’t have cable- we just have the box. Consequently we have PBS-1, PBS-2, and PBS-3. I saw Pati on PBS-2. If you have cable, satellite, Dish, or whatever, I’m afraid that won’t help you much. But if you have over-the-air channels, that may help you find her.
Best of luck!

Another wonderful recipe. We are on the other computer you have the address & Kathy’s, We have three computers now,
Thank you so much & would you send a schedule when you are on in Arizona?

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