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Pati Jinich

“The crew had repeatedly approached the stern-faced owner of La Pasita to try to secure permission to film an episode for season two of Pati’s Mexican Table. But Emilio Contreras Ovando was standing his ground: No way. No one takes photos or films inside’s Puebla’s oldest cantina, named after its housemade, high alcohol, raisin liquor served with a cube of aged cheese.

But Pati Jinich wouldn’t let it go. She and her crew, after all, had invested time and money in …”

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Hi Pati,
I am thrilled that your show is back for a second season! I didn’t miss an episode of the first season and am delighted to see that you will also be publishing a cookbook soon. What sets your show apart from the rest is you not only provide guidance on how to cook dishes, you also give your viewers insight into the Mexican culture and history lessons to boot.
Thank you again for coming back for a second season! I hope you release all of your episodes on DVD sometime soon so we can enjoy them over and over again.
— Cherie

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