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Pati Jinich

Flautas de pollo
Serves 8

16 corn tortillas
2 cups cooked and shredded chicken
Vegetable oil for frying
1 cup Mexican cream
1 cup salsa of your choice
1 head romaine lettuce, sliced
1 cup queso fresco, crumbled
Serve with guacamole or salsa verde

In a deep skillet, preheat 1 inch deep of oil to 350 degrees, set over medium heat. Or you can also test if the oil is ready for frying the flautas, by dipping a flauta or tortilla to see if the oil actively bubbles around it.

Place a comal or a dry skillet over medium heat until hot, then heat the tortillas on the comal for about 30 seconds per side; this will prevent them from breaking when rolling them into flautas.

Place 1 to 2 tablespoons of shredded chicken on each tortilla and roll them tightly. They should be thin, not chubby rolls. You can insert wooden toothpicks through 2 to 3 flautas at a time, so they will fry evenly and hold their shape.

Once the oil is hot, gently dip the flautas in it. Fry them until they have crisped and turned golden, about 2 to 3 minutes. Flip them over so they will brown evenly, for another minute. Remove the flautas from the oil and put them on a plate or tray lined with paper towels.

Alternatively, you may want to toast the flautas on a comal or bake in the oven lightly brushed with oil at 375, for 15 to 20 minutes.

Arrange them on a serving platter and garnish with lettuce, cheese, Mexican cream and salsa, or let your guests tailor to their taste.


I really like what i saw on TV so i am printing the recipe . Thank you

Thank you for watching, Renee!!

I liked these flautas, they definitely tasted authentic.

Thank you, Pamela!

I tried it thanks Pati

Hi Jeff, Thank you so much for trying my recipe!! I hope you enjoyed them.

What brand of pan do you use for frying? I love that pan you used and wanted one.

I want to make your flautas but why are there no directions on the shredded chicken, i.e. seasoning, etc?

Hola Mary, You can use any already cooked chicken, i.e. leftovers from a roast chicken, or a rotisserie chicken from the store. When the meat is cool, just remove it from the bones and break it up with your hands.

The Mexican cheese is the white cheese from El Paso? Or a different kind??

Hola Mercedes, The cheese I use for my flautas is queso fresco: Though you may substitute any cheese you like!


Do you have a recipe for making your filling with using tomatillos and other ingredients to make the filling more traditional than plain poached or store bought chicken?

Like the show BTW


Hola Steve, For a more traditional filling, try chicken tinga:

Thank you for watching the show!!


Thanks for the chicken tinga recipe. I will definitely try it. (I also need to try the potato/sweet potato/apple latkes!)

Great shows, keep up the wonderful work.


Hi Pati,

My fiance made this for me last week and it was a big hit! He called them fried tacos though. He made chicken ones and potato& fresh cheese ones. My 4 year old ate about 6 of them… amazing! I just came across this recipe today and now I know where to come to make them myself since I have no idea how he made them, i’m guessing it is how his mom made them. I can’t wait to try to make them and see if i can make them just as good as he does.

Pati:I’m very glad to discover you on create tv,because you have broaden my cooking latino food when I only growing up with basic food like tacos, enchiladas,burritos.Thank you your inspiration to cook better latino cuisine.I have cooked ten of your recipes and I have never been disappointed.Thank you again.Phillip Zirkle.

Hola Phillip, Thank you so much for watching and for trying all those recipes! I have new episodes (and new recipes) starting on Create on April 1 — I hope you look for them!!

I just discovered your show on Create TV and LOVE you and your cooking. Can’t wait to try your recipes!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent for cooking with us viewers and looking forward to future shows!!!!!!

Thank you!!

Great episode. I have a question though….what exactly is the difference between Flautas and Taquitos? I’d always thought that Flautas used flour tortillas and Taquitos used corn. Have I always been wrong?……either way I am glad I found you here and on PBS.

Hola Ed, Thank you for watching! The terms are often used interchangeably, though flautas are usually thinner and longer than taquitos.

Could flautas be baked instead of fried?

I made these with left over Turkey from Thanksgiving. They turned out great and were a nice change from Turkey sandwiches. Thanks for the suggestion! Love your recipes!!

Gracias, Veronica!

Hice este plato muy fácil. Cuando Cuando termine que hacer el plato, fue muy bueno. Este es mi nuevo plato favorito.

Que bien, Carlos!

Pati I have watched your show a few times now and enjoyed it thoroughly. However, I live in Canada and a few ingredients are not available to the average consumer. e.g. Mexican cream. Sooooo, was wondering what cream I could use instead or what could I add to our regular cream to make it Mexican cream? I look forward to trying some of your recipes. Both my husband and myself love Mexican cuisine.

So glad you can see my show in Canada! You can use Latin style cream, or creme fraiche or sour cream, if you don’t find Mexican style cream or crema.

Not too sure what you mean by “my comment is awaiting moderation” Do you mean to shorten it???
If so, What can I use in place of Mexican Cream? Love your show Pati

Hi! You can use any other kind of Latin style cream, or creme fraiche or sour cream!

love your show, your recipes and when your boys are on the show with you.
Tried any of your recipes and have been a big hit.
Thank you for your inspiration.

Thank you so much, Linda!

I have made these baked in the oven as suggested as an alternative to frying and love the light and crispy results. I bought a package of pre cooked shredded chicken and made the first round with thawed chicken and the second round still frozen and both came out about the same. Delicious with guacamole or dipped in salsa.

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