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Pati Jinich

Elotes callejeros
Serves 6

6 fresh ears of corn, husked and rinsed
Unsalted butter, to taste
Mayonnaise, to taste
1 cup crumbled queso cotija or queso fresco, or to taste
1 lime, or to taste
Kosher or sea salt, to taste
Dried ground chile like piquí­n or a mix like Tají­n

To cook the corn, you can grill it or boil it. To grill, brush the ears of corn with a bit of oil. Place them over a grill or grill pan, set over medium heat, and let the corn cook and char slightly, turning every 3 minutes until all the corn is done, anywhere from 9 to 12 minutes total. Remove from the heat. You can also cook the corn it in boiling water until soft and cooked, less than ten minutes.

Once cooked, stick the corn on corn holders or a wooden stick. Choose your toppings! Traditionally in Mexico, we: spread butter, then a layer of mayonnaise, coat thoroughly with crumbled cheese, sprinkle with salt and ground chile and finally, drizzle with freshly-squeezed lime juice.


Dear Pati,
How in the world do you get the queso to stick to the corn? I’m using Cotija, getting it as fine as I can, even rolling the corn up in wax paper filled with the cheese, but only a very little bit stcks.

That’s why I rub the butter and or mayo before, that makes it stick… and it also tastes yummy.

[…] also made “crazy” / Mexican street corn.  I saw this on a cooking program and modified it for our ingredients…Take cooked (boiled or grilled) corn on the cob (frozen […]

Who doesn’t adore Pati, with her sweet personality and cheery voice?!

I have decided to try tossing drained canned corn with a little oil,
grilling it, and then tossing it with the rest of the ingredients, making it all accessible to a Mom with dental issues.

Wish me luck! =)

Thank you Dorothy! Good luck: I am sure it will be delicious.

This recipe for “crazy corn” looks wonderful. It sounds quite delicious. Thanks!

Thank you!

We tried this recipe this August with some reservation and were very pleasantly surprised. The flavors blend so well and so much better than plain butter w/ S&P

I have to agree…

I’m wondering what the most authentic type of mayo might be used? Is it ‘authentic’ to use major-brand mayo from an American grocery? Or is there a difference? I’m assuming Miracle Whip is not considered authentic, or is it?

Go for ANY mayo that you like! (just don’t go for light…)

Miracle Whip isn’t mayo: it might be a mayo base, but it’s more like “mayo plus other stuff”.

Hola Paty, are these the standard spices used?!…because I have tried several and even though they taste great my VeraCruz born husband says each time that isnt the flavor he remembers! I will try the piquí­n chile next though if I can find it!

Yes! look for Piquin!

Hi, I just found your website and wanted to add: you can use Mexican mayonnaise or make your own by adding a squirt of lime juice to american mayo and mixing it up. I roll the boiled hot corn on the cob in the mayo, sprinkle with crumbled queso fresco then sprinkle chile sal con limon seasoning on top! Elote is Amazing and our family loves it!! :)

Dear Pati,
I love your recipe! It is so very good. How I love your recipes!

Thank you!!

Patti how do you make the chile sauce that is used in Mexico.

There are so many different ones! Which one are your referring to? Is it green is it red… raw, cooked?

I want your recipes from show aired 7/10/15.
Love your show, yummy yummy
Barbara in Houston,TX

You can find all of the recipes, by Season, here
Thanks for watching my show!

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