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Pati Jinich

Frutas y verduras de carrito

1 to 2 large mangoes
1/2 pineapple
1/4 watermelon
1 cucumber
4 large carrots
1 jicama
Dried ground chile such as piquí­n
3 limes, or more to taste

Peel and slice the fruits and vegetables, you may do this ahead of time and store covered in the refrigerator. Sprinkle salt and chile to taste. Squeeze fresh lime juice on top. Mix and enjoy.


Watched the school lunch show and tonight I made the vegetable and fruit stick. Delicious. Got the whoe family to eat things they normally wouldn’t even try. Thanks.

Hola Sandra, Your comment made me smile. I’m so happy your family enjoyed the vegetable and fruit stick. Let me know if you try out anything else on them. Thank you for watching the show!

Hi, I came across your show one late night last week during this episode. I found what you made and how you made it very simple and easy. I’m a new fan and will continue to watch your show and try out these new recipe’s. I may have the last name Lopez and but I’m as white as you can get LOLOL. I was raised with a mother from Germany/Russia, so now that I live in a more Hispanic community it has made me want to cook with a new eyes and flare. thanks Pati for your show.

Hola Chuck, Thank you for watching. I am so glad you like the show! Let me know how the recipes work out for you.

Really enjoyed your show, the freshness and simplicity of the fruits and veggies for lunch look so good! Where can I find the chile spice tajin or piquin?

Hola Tammy, You can find TAJIN products at your local Hispanic market, or look for it in the international section of any grocery store. If you can’t find chile spice TAJIN or piquin, TAJIN’s classic mix works great on these fruits and veggies and is available almost anywhere that carries TAJIN.

Just saw your show for the first time and am very excited to try a bunch of your recipes!

Hi Wendy, I’m so glad you found the show! Please try some of the recipes, and let me know how they turn out!!

Wow! Just came across this episode with the Ham and Cheese torta and these street-style fruits and veggies. I am really looking forward to trying this method of preparing veggies for my daughter’s lunch box. thanks!

Trish, I hope your daughter enjoys them! Thank you so much for watching the show!!

Hi your show was very good I watched the whole show without turning it to foodball I am impress with your ideas I like the veggies and the cake I will try that Thanks again

Thank you, Ella!!

I saw your show for the first time the other day and love it! The sandwich and street style veggies & fruits are awesome ideas for my lunch as well as my son’s lunch. So far I made that street style veggie and fruit mixture and it taste muy delisioso!!!! I look forward to watching more of your shows!!! Thanks Pati!


Hola Anne, Thank you so much for taking a moment to write me!! I am so happy you have found the show & that you are already trying the recipes! Please let me know if you ever have any questions.

Ps…. The tajin spice is definitely now a part of my spice rack!!! I never tried this until now and I have to say that I love this seasoning!!!

Be careful…it’s addicting! :)

Hi Pati
I have been eating this snack for the past two weeks at work. A couple of my co-workers saw my snack asked me for some, and I have actually brought a couple of bags to a few of the girls in the office. I love your show and I absolutely love your recipes, I am going to try the sandwiches tomorrow for lunch and the chocolate cake!


Hola Myrna, I’m so happy you are enjoying the recipes, and it sounds like they are making you popular at the office!! All my very best to you.

I made this fabulous recipe this past weekend,without the carrots(I was out of them). I used the tajin pepper,as I could not find the chile piquin. Everyone raved about that dessert! Wouldn’t it be good for a change of pace at the yearly seder table?!?thank you Pati for all your great recipes! Mazel tov!

Hola Jon, YES!! I agree. So happy you tried this recipe.

We are an Irish Mexican household – my husband is from Mexico City and I am a 2nd generation Irish American. Our 5 children were raised in a glorious cacaphony of the two cultures. We particularly enjoy the authenticity of your program – the familiar and not so familiar recipes – but the genuine joyful approach you take to the process. Limon, sal y chile – goes well with just about everything. And – this week I’m taking the fruit and veggies w/ Limon and Tajin – to our quarterly office gathering! I know it will be a hit.

Hi Joan, Thank you for writing to me! So happy to hear your family enjoys the program. Let me know what everyone thinks of the street-style fruits & veggies.

I work for a very large HMO whose slogan is “Thrive”. We’ve been asked to think “healthy” when bringing items to a “pot luck”. I prepared jicama slices, carrot and cucumber slices along with lime wedges accompanied by a bottled of Tajin. As I projected – it was a big hit. I would have brought other fruits/veggies, but these were being supplied by others. The use of the Tajin and Limon was extended to watermelon, raw broccoli, tomatoes, and sugar snap peas. Our organization is very diverse and this seemed to be a hit will all present! Keeping it simple – making it fun and healthy!

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