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Pati Jinich
Hey everyone, great news! You can now watch the second season of my show “Pati’s Mexican Table” nationwide on Create TV. Episodes air daily at 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM — and, again, at 3:30 AM for all you night owls out there. If you missed any season two episodes, couldn’t find me in your area, or just need a refresher, I hope you’ll tune in!

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looking for the recipe that was the chilis served around Christmas topped with pomegranate seeds.

Hola, You are looking for Chiles en Nogada! The recipe is here:

I was watchingprogram yesterday and Pati made a chocolate cake that looked delisious. I if I could get that recepe I would never buy another mix.

Hola Helen, Thank you for watching. You must be talking about Juju’s Birthday Cake? Here’s the recipe:

Hello, Thank you so much for your wonderful show. I am going to try eveything.. I just have a little question about the garlic — when a recipie calls for a clove of garlic; that just does not seem like enough, just want to make sure I understand – if I buy a whole bulb of garlic that has about 8 to 10 cloves in it, do I just use only one of those cloves? I do love garlic,but I also want to follow the recipie.

Thank You so much,

Sara from Austin, Tx

Hola Sara, I’m so happy to hear you want to try my recipes!! When a recipe calls for a clove of garlic, I am referring to just one of the cloves on a bulb of garlic. I like to pick the big, plump ones. If you are a garlic lover, please take the liberty of using as many cloves as are to your taste!! Thank you for watching the show!!!

Hi Pati,

Around Christmas you made ice cream with pistachios and mangoes. I have been thinking about that recipe and would love to try it. Where can I find it?

Looking for the red chili sauce that included cider vinegar. Receipe was aired Tuesday January 15, 2013. Thank you. Really enjoy the receipes.

Hi Lillian, Thank you so much for watching!! I believe the chile sauce you are looking for is in the Chilorio Burritas recipe from the episode:

Hi Pati! I love your show. You are teaching me some incredible Mexican cooking techniques. I recently made your Pepito sandwiches for my family and they were a big hit, even with my picky boys. The homemade guacamole was amazing! Can you recommend another sandwich or wrap that the whole family will love?

Hi Michelle, I’m glad you’ve found some of my recipes that work for your whole family! I have three boys and know it can be tough to please everybody sometimes. Maybe you can try my Ham and Cheese Sincronizadas with Flour Tortillas. I put a link to the recipe below.

I so enjoy Pati’s recipes for Mexican foods – Like RIck Bayless, however, really believe I enjoy Pati more. Have trouble though pulling up recipes. Thank you.

Audre, Thank you so much! Please let me know if there are any recipes you are looking for that I can send to you.

Iwached your show, unfortunately cant remember when. You made flan in 4 red ramikans, it looked very easy, with 6 eggs in a blender, canyou send me the recipe.
Thank you

Hola Hermineh, Thank you for watching! I believe this is the flan recipe you are looking for?

Pati!! Que tal? He estado mirando tu show desde hace tiempo…esos platillos que tu preparas se ven deliciosos!! El otro dia estabas preparando una ensalada de nopales, pero, no recuerdo mucho, debi tomar nota. Serias tan amable de facilitarme algunas recetas con nopales? Te lo agradeceria mucho.

siempre miro to programa, bueno, porque tambien muestras un poco de historia, mexicana, por supuesto, y a mi, me fascina!! Pienso que eres una cocinera maravillosa, espero aprender mucho de ti, bueno, si pongo atencion.
Muchas gracias, Saludos!!!!

Hola Mauricio,
Aquí está!
Que bueno que miras mi programa y claro que vas a aprender mucho!!!

Hola Pati,

We really enjoyed your recent show where you made the flautas. I would like the recipe for that. The chocolate cake was wonderful too I see that it is in the column so will get that. Oh, and I don’t want to forget the Tres Leche cake, please may I have that recipe?
Gracias, Sue

Hola Sue, Thank you for watching! Here is the flautas recipe: Also, the tres leches cake:

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