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Pati Jinich

I had the pleasure of interviewing author Arthur Allen about his new book Ripe: The Search for the Perfect Tomato in this week’s Splendid Table. Listen in to hear about how the tomato came to be a worldwide obsession.

Listen to my segment right here…


Hola Pati,
Me gusta mucho ver su programa, queria preguntarle si tiene una receta de como hacer el chile poblano relleno con queso.



Hola Melissa, si! Lo voy a tratar de subir al blog pronto!

I would like to have the recipe for the poached eggs in tomatoes and poblano chiles as shown in WETA’s show of Saturday, Feb. 17.

Thank you.

Trying to find a recipe Pati did this morning on PBS 2/18/13. would love to try please let me know where I can find. Thank you

oops meant 2/17/13

All the recipes can be found here Just click under Season 1 or Season 2, and you will see all the episodes with all the recipes…

Hola Pati me gustaria saber si los captus es lo mismo que nopalea. Gracias DORIS CATALDO

Hola Doris, si es lo mismo!

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