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Pati Jinich

“Well, it’s probably a little uncharitable to call it a fake holiday, because Cinco de Mayo does celebrate something very real — namely liberation from the French (haw haw) during the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Although it’s not celebrated in any big way in Mexico, it’s a huge part of Mexican-American culture. And what better way to flip a bird at the French than to make some really good Mexican food?

So we teamed up with Pati Jinich, the official chef of the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, D.C. and author of Pati’s Mexican Table, to get some invaluable advice on how to cook authentic Mexican food at home…”

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I love Mexican Food so I really enjoy watching Patti’s Mexican Table. I already cook a lot of Mexican food and therefor do a lot of my shopping Mexican or International Markets.

I’ve learned a lot of new recipes for Patti. Thanks for being on the air Patti !

Thank YOU for tuning in Thea.

I watched Pati on Create Tv May 4th 2013. She prepared a “Blissful Corn Torte, I have searched the website of Create TV as well as this site, and am unable to find the recipe…Is it possible to obtain it?
Thanks *~*

Hola Carolyn, Thank you for watching!! Here is the corn torte recipe:

i watch you alot. (im over 50) tho i live in las vegas, im from so. cal. ive noticed you often use poblano chiles. they look like what i get in so. cal. & vegas called pasillas. is it the same? is the heat similiar?

Hi Lisa, Thank you for watching the show! It is so nice to hear from you. The poblano is a different chile from the pasilla, and usually has a little bit more heat than the pasilla.

Hi. I have just learned about Pati from the May 5th show on PBS. I am looking for the recipes from that segment. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Hi Nadja, I’m so happy you found my show!! Thank you for watching! You can find the recipes from the episodes here:

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