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Pati Jinich

“When she was a teenager in the 1940s, Guadalupe Rivera Marin went to live with her father and stepmother in Coyoacán, in Mexico City, in a house that would become known for its vivid blue color, for its famous occupants and for the parties they would throw.

Her father, of course, was the muralist Diego Rivera, one of the most important Mexican artists of all time, and his wife was painter Frida Kahlo, who achieved worldwide fame mostly after her premature death at age 47. As Marin points out, Kahlo may have orchestrated the meals and gatherings with artistic brilliance, but she didn’t cook much (nor did she like cooking)…”

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Hola Pati

Mi nombre es Marie y me fascina su show! You are amazing! Le queria hacer una preguntita, porfavor porfavor porvafor pudiera trabajar para usted o con usted? Su asistente o ayuda en el crew? Yo se q esta no es la mejor forma de preguntarle y aplicar pero desde el 2011 veo su show y i can’t stop watching it. I am so passionate about mexican food, you are just amazing Pati. I absolutely adore the show!! Please reply and let me know!

God bless!

Hola Chica just saw your show for the First time
Wow how cool and with your family history it does not surprise me at all.. love how you include your whole family. Your funny. Glad i tuned in. I will keep up with you. Come visit San antonio we will embrace you.

Thanks Laura, and thank you for keeping up with me: I love that!

Wow you answered first i have ever blogged anyone and iam 53 this may. I have been in the” business” for 35 years and made it to chef status your passion has. RenewedMy faith. Im myself. You know this job can. Be a burn out and my dad used to says when I young”you’ll. Never. Go. Anywhere he loved me of course. And. Later. Went on to understand hmmm.

Hear you. :)

Be careful child k san antonio. Is kool see you

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