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Pati Jinich

I’ve teamed up with my good friend Sally Swift, co-creator of The Splendid Table, on a podcast series we call “Big Appetites” because, let’s be honest, we both love to eat! It’s part of American Public Media’s Infinite Guest podcast network where you can listen to experts and enthusiasts chat about comedy, food, culture, sports, music, and so on. I am thrilled and honored to have been invited to join them.

In “Big Appetites,” Sally and I are talking about our favorite topic, food (of course!), and whatever else comes to mind.

Click here to get information and to listen to the podcasts. We will add more as we move along…


I’m excited to listen to the podcasts, but still hoping to see your series available on DVD/Blu-ray. Is that in the works?

Thanks Jesse!
I am considering DVD/Blu-ray, will give news as soon as I know if it is feasible. We are now in production for Season 4!

So happy about this, Pati. I currently live in Europe so I can’t watch your shows, and being able to listen these podcasts makes my day :)

Hi Pati!
My boyfriend,(who is Mexican) and I really enjoy watching your shows on public television, but we have not seen any of your episodes lately. We live in Ohio, and usually watch your cooking shows on WBGU or WOSU on the “Create” program. We miss you! Will you be airing any new episodes soon?

Hi Jennie!
Yes, we are in production for Season 4 right now! You can always email your stations and ask them wether they will repeat past seasons until new one comes out… hope you like it!

Hi Pati!

I have heard you refer to Tajin as an ingredient. What is Tajin and how is it used.

Thank you.

Hi Pati,
I just found your cooking show on kvie. Public TV. Pati I don’t know how to cook very well now that I started seeing your show I know I can cook. Thank You for your wonderful reciepes today.

Bernie Oliva

Hola Bernie, Go for it! I hope you try many of the recipes!!

Acabo de escuchar el episodio de la leyenda de la vainilla y me encantó! Pero es demasiado corto! Por favor, por favor, dime más! Dígale a su productor que necesitamos por lo menos 30 minutos de los dos presentadoras! Gracias por otra gran oferta de medios de comunicación. Ah, y ya que estoy escribiendo esto, estoy usando la primera vaina de vainilla de mi vida! Salsa de pera con vanilla, espero que salga bien …

I just listened to the episode on the legend of vanilla and I loved it! It’s too short though! Please, please tell me more! Tell your producer that we need at least 30 minutes of you two ladies! Thanks for another great media offering. Oh, and as I am writing this I’m using my first vanilla bean ever! Vanilla-Pear sauce, hope it turns out well…

I am please to. Say hi is a plassere for my I am from .Guadalajara bat most of my life living at USA good blessed you and you FAM.

Thank you!

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